A little bit about me

Alright... so it's happening. Doing this blog thing...
Thought I'd start off by briefly introducing myself. My name is Mike Yakovlev (born in Russia) and I love making art. That's it! haha
Right now I'm studying Illustration at PCA&D but, eager to pick up work as a conceptual artists for video games and movies. Or an illustrator for book covers and magazine editorials. Although I've spent majority of my teens painting traditionally, I've been digitally painting for a little under a year. I'm always on the hunt for new artists and work to inspire me and influence me.

I've posted before on sites like, Concept Art, Deviant Art, and sometimes Facebook or Reddit. But this is the first time posting on a blog and I'd like to consider it to be the place where I put most of my art.

Alright, enough of the boring stuff, lets see some art!


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