Look at art...Feel bad.

I've made a commitment to get better throughout these next few months. Whether it be though studying the fundamentals to actual drawing and painting. Overall, I understand the importance of "making it" or "surviving" in the industry. I started this blog not just as a way to share the Art of Mike Yakovlev, but as a reason to push me to do more art. To create something to the point that I want to upload it -to finish it.

When I tell myself I'm going to do something, or when I plan out my day:
-Wake up
-Start sketching

I never actually do it. What really happens is:
-Wake uo
-Look at art
-Feel bad

So I've been recently forcing myself to paint or draw when i catch myself not doing anything art-wise. This way it's unplanned and gets me into the habit of creating more art. I have two mentor-ships with two incredible artists going on at once and I don't want to take that for granted. I want to look back at the end of these next few months and see my progression, becasue it's only going to get harder from here on out.

Thanks for reading,


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