Art and Music

Towards the end of 2013 and the start of 2014 I contacted a bunch of labels that I like. I contacted about 30 and only a handful got back. Since most of the music I follow is EDM, a lot of their album covers are simple: a simple landscape with some color shifts and text. So after chatting up a few managers I got a few gigs. One specifically is leading towards more, which I'm really excited to show next. Here are the couple that I've done so far.

A cover for a FREE download mashup track composed of 7 producers. The logo on the top is the logo for the label, Dustla. I got the opportunity to listen to early versions of the track as I was working on this to fuel my inspiration. I really love the track, as it's unlike what most people are doing right now. I tried to reflect the epicness of the track in the artwork.
Grab the free track here!
 I did this as a quick illustration for a label called Xenomorph Recordings. It was used for one of their artist's EP. 

And finally, doing the illustration for XaeboR lead to Med Dubstep, who asked me to zombify him. Was quite a fun project actually, haha =]
Check out Med Dubstep's Page here!


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