Mike and Mildew in the Morning!

I've always (and still do) wanted to start some kind of on-going YouTube series or podcast series. Where I and maybe a few friends just paint and shoot the shit. Although I've "Livestreamed" a bit, I never went as far as talking to the audience of...3 (my mom and tow bots). It's a bit of a pain in the ass to set up and make sure everyone can hear/see you without any problems, but once it gets going it's actually pretty fun. With the podcast thing, it's always in the back of my mind, I'd do it something like PKA, where it's the same group of guys, sometimes a guest and they just go at it. Except I think it would be even more fun, if we could get a video of us painting. i imagine it like some stupid morning radio show, called Mike and Mildew in the Morning. We'd play a clusterfuck of cartoon sound before we start and end the show- I think that would be pretty funny.

This is a sketch of a Gundam model I have on my desk. 
Done during a recent livestream.

These next few are from a couple Facebook "speedpainting" groups. I'll be sure to update these as i make 'em.


 "Giant Alien Egg"

 "Dragon Hunting"

 "Underground Sand Village"

"Paratrooper Drop"


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