Piece of Mind

First off, let me upload the full version of the "Piece of Mind" illustration I teased a while back. Am fairly happy with this one. I did a lot of things and explored a lot of new techniques that made the over all experience pretty fun. After lining the Searching for Love up with this one to match them up as much as possible, I realized something looks different about this one...i can't quite put my finger on it. It's got a nice range of colors, values, and "nasty shit." So what is it? You know what, I think it's just I've changed, I've evolved my application and handle on digital painting. From the very beginning, I painted this one in a different mind-set (I see what you did there) and with a new handle on how to execute these techniques. So I think just my overall workflow and look to my digital art has changed/evolved. Searching for Love is more graphic and there is less layering of the paint. I wouldn't say one way is better or worse, just different. and to me, this change is interesting to see.


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