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Studying high-res digital paintings is the same as looking at a traditional painting in a museum. You can start to reverse engineer how it's made and learn a lot without asking any questions. What's more fun, is that sometimes you'll find something you probably shouldn't have. For example, when Destiny was first announced, I found the actual file that was used to create the promo poster.  Overall, I love finding concept art and zooming in really close. You can start to distinguish what brush they use, if it has photo textures or not. Take a look through some of my favorites here. I'll keep it updated as I find more.

*Horizons Zero Dawn Art (5906x8402) [3.77MB]

*The Division Art 2 (1000x4190px) [4.2MB]

*The Division Art 1 (9184x4188px) [5.6MB]

*The Division Cover Artwork (6050x7426px) [16.7MB] 

*Halo 5: Guardians Art by John Liberto (5580x8000px) [12.9MB]

*Halo 5: Guardians Art by Darren Bacon  (9660x4250px) [22.4MB]

Tomb Raider Concept Art (9000x4359px) [18.1MB]

Civ Concept art by Craig Mullins "Chichen Itza" (4079x2421) [1.17MB]

Craig Mullins Concept Art (300dpi at 5000x5376px) [3.03MB]
Crysis 2 Poster Art by Marek Okon (591dpi at 3748x5403px) [9.46MB]

Destiny Character Concept Art (9390x4874px) [2.95MB]

Destiny Concept Art "Venus Vex Battle" (4950x6362px) [12.7MB]

Desitny Concept Art by Jaime Jones "Back from the Wild" (4232x2981px)[6.47MB]

Destiny Concept Art by Jaime Jones "Mars Battle Cabal" (5000x2779px) [7.70MB]

Destiny Concept Art by Jaime Jones "Reef Queen Thone" (5000x6418px) [7.94MB]


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