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Mike and Mildew in the Morning!

I've always (and still do) wanted to start some kind of on-going YouTube series or podcast series. Where I and maybe a few friends just paint and shoot the shit. Although I've "Livestreamed" a bit, I never went as far as talking to the audience of...3 (my mom and tow bots). It's a bit of a pain in the ass to set up and make sure everyone can hear/see you without any problems, but once it gets going it's actually pretty fun. With the podcast thing, it's always in the back of my mind, I'd do it something like PKA, where it's the same group of guys, sometimes a guest and they just go at it. Except I think it would be even more fun, if we could get a video of us painting. i imagine it like some stupid morning radio show, called Mike and Mildew in the Morning. We'd play a clusterfuck of cartoon sound before we start and end the show- I think that would be pretty funny.

This is a sketch of a Gundam model I have on my desk. 
Done during a recent livestream.

These next few are from a couple Facebook "speedpainting" groups. I'll be sure to update these as i make 'em.


 "Giant Alien Egg"

 "Dragon Hunting"

 "Underground Sand Village"

"Paratrooper Drop"

The Last of Them

...I'm losing track of what I did and didn't upload, I hope this isn't a re-upload. I'm too lazy to check.
So after I painted a few of those sketches from the Riots in Ukraine, and ALL that shit got stirred up and turned into something way crazier than anyone was expecting it to, with Russia and all...whoooo....I've heard enough of it. But before all that, I did 2 more sketches, the one of the guy with the flag is actually one that I created after seeing a buddy of mine in that hat...Shapka Uskanka/шапка ушанка (I think that's how I would write it using English characters)

Piece of Mind

First off, let me upload the full version of the "Piece of Mind" illustration I teased a while back. Am fairly happy with this one. I did a lot of things and explored a lot of new techniques that made the over all experience pretty fun. After lining the Searching for Love up with this one to match them up as much as possible, I realized something looks different about this one...i can't quite put my finger on it. It's got a nice range of colors, values, and "nasty shit." So what is it? You know what, I think it's just I've changed, I've evolved my application and handle on digital painting. From the very beginning, I painted this one in a different mind-set (I see what you did there) and with a new handle on how to execute these techniques. So I think just my overall workflow and look to my digital art has changed/evolved. Searching for Love is more graphic and there is less layering of the paint. I wouldn't say one way is better or worse, just different. and to me, this change is interesting to see.

Busy Busy Busy, well...kinda.

Wow. I feel so bad for not posting in a while, well one here at least. There is so much to update you on. I'll just go ahead and post the images with a description, can't guarantee they will be in complete order, but I'll try...